Three Key Features that Will Save You Money in GrabCAD Shop!

On Demand Webinar


Three Key Features that Will Save You Money in GrabCAD Shop!

 It allows shops to efficiently manage all orders and is a valuable tool for any additive manufacturing company.

GrabCAD Shop was designed for one purpose, saving shop managers, engineers and operators time. Each year 375 hours are wasted because of inefficient processes on 3D print shop floors and GrabCAD shop can solve this issue.

Our webinar will outline 3 key features of GrabCAD Shop that will improve your shop's efficiency. It will also detail tips and best practices to help you utilize GrabCAD Shop in an optimal way. Additionally, Anirudh Krishnakumar, our Product Manager for Stratasys Software will explain GrabCAD Shop’s new feature: Jobs.

Check out the webinar and learn how GrabCAD shop can maximize your additive manufacturing process.

Our Speaker

Anirudh Krishnakumar

Senior Product Manager at GrabCAD



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