Vistory is a software editor that develops cybersecurity solutions to build digital trust. MainChain is a seamless trusted third party for distributed production. MainChain offers manufacturing customers control risk and increases their supply chain resilience by preserving industrial property, confidentiality and trade secrets, certifying blueprint integrity, tracing industrial property throughout the digital supply chain, and automating workflows. 

How Secure is On-Demand Manufacturing?

Vistory developed MainChain, an enabler for repairing machines faster and accelerating sustainability in the industry by creating the ability to produce spare parts on site. With on-demand manufacturing, you reduce storage costs and supply chain flow from the factory to the warehouse by producing parts on site. 

"Answer any needs, producing any parts, anywhere at any time" with MainChain.


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Our solution adapts to your IT and security requirements.

  • SaaS Solution
  • Dedicated Solution
  • API Solution


MainChain facilitates the additive manufacturing adoption by integrating itself with the systems already present in your business.

  • Tools and Manufacturing Process
  • Compatibility 


MainChain's blockchain is a technology that guarantees data integrity and creates trust.

  • Immutability and Transparency
  • Resilient Trust Network
  • Smart Contract

Case Study: French Navy

The French Navy is utilizing MainChain in its operations, learn more below.


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