Identify3D's technology suit enables digital manufacturing by providing usage controls, security, and traceability of design and manufacturing process data across the digital supply chain. 


Data Integrity

Identify3D, Inc. is a leader in software for digital supply chain. The Identify3D technology suite protects confidentiality and integrity of data in the digital manufacturing thread providing intellectual property protection, manufacturing repeatability and traceability from design to finish product. We enable companies to have the confidence that their data are secure and products are manufactured following the right processes and requirements. We deliver greater control over the digital manufacturing process ensuring integrity and authenticity of complex supply chains. 

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Enables designers to encrypt designs and associate them with business and production licenses. 



Enables secure distribution of digital assets through accountable distribution.



Provides security and integrity during production through controller, device, and consumable authentication.



Provides traceability and auditability to supply chain, blockchain enabled.



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