How GrabCAD Shop Helped Get Thousands of Face Shields to COVID-19 Front Lines.

In early 2020, COVID-19 spread across the country, and within weeks, became a global pandemic. Medical personnel soon became the only hope for the growing millions infected who experienced severe symptoms as the disease wreaked havoc on their respiratory tract.

However, as the outbreak continued and hospitals flooded with patients it became apparent that there would not be enough protective equipment to keep front-line workers safe. Protective equipment was needed -- and fast.

Stratasys was among the leaders in the 3D printing community who offered their help by 3D printing over 100,000 face shields for hospitals, medical personnel and other first-line responders.

As important as 3D printers were to the process there was one software that helped orchestrate the mass production of face shields: GrabCAD Shop.

Read how GrabCAD Shop helped orchestrate the mass production of face shields.

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