Riven helps product and manufacturing engineers create higher accuracy 3d printed parts in minutes.  Our warp-adapted-model (WAM™) workflow makes it easy.  

Just print and scan an initial part.  Then our software automatically finds deviations from your design and creates a new model that corrects for dimensional errors from any source including warping, differential shrink and offsets.  Then print the WAM™ and get up to 10 times greater accuracy which can make the difference between shipping parts vs weeks of delays.


Get to Production Faster

Riven helps you make decisions and fix problem parts quickly by showing you what’s happening with your whole part at-a glance, correcting dimensional errors and communicating with your team and customers with real 3D part data.   With Riven, you’re on the fast track to volume production with additive manufacturing.


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Visual Part Verification

Improve development efficiency by boosting product and process understanding using an array of highly visual and data rich validation tools.


Fix Warp Fast

Advanced part analysis helps fix additive manufacturing problems early. Riven is an essential element of any modern additive manufacturing operation with sophisticated Warp-Adapted-Models (WAM™) that improve dimensional accuracy by up to 10X. Riven utilizes full-part 3D data from an initial part to identify errors and produce new corrected models for more accurate parts in minutes.


Sharing Speeds Success

Collaborate across teams and resolve problems faster with push-button 3D scanning, analysis and communication tools.


Customer Quote

“Riven accelerates challenging projects by reducing iterations and improving part accuracy.  Our workflow and output has improved tremendously.” -Sean Farrell - Manager of Additive Manufacturing Operations, Dura-Metal


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