GrabCAD Webinar

Improving Your Smart Factory Floor’s Security

As companies move towards Industry 4.0, the need for exceptional connectivity and security is greater than ever.

Today, additive manufacturing allows manufacturers to be self-sufficient, and keep operations up and running and producing their own product supply. This significant improvement does come with associated risks, namely cyber-attacks and data leaks.

Our recent Stratasys Session featured GrabCAD’s new software partners Joe Inkenbrandt from Identify3D and Alexandre Pedemonte from Vistory.  These industry experts shed light on how their software solutions will protect your factory floor.

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Topics Covered

Top security weaknesses facing additive manufacturing facilities.

The importance of a connected smart factory floor.

How GrabCAD software partner solutions can protect your smart factory floor from these risks.

How additive manufacturing enables manufacturers to be self-sufficient.


Frank Lindeman

Customer Success Manager for Stratasys Software

Alexandre Pedemonte

CEO of Vistory

Joe Inkenbrandt

Co-founder of Identify3D

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